Village of Warrensburg

Warrensburg, Illinois  

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Village Ordinances

Ordinance 738 Intergovernmental Agreement between Village of Warrensburg and Warrensburg Fire Protection District

Ordinance 737 Amending Title 8, Ch 6, Section 9 "Wastewater Service Charges"

Ordinance 736 Use of Village Range W/Kevin Mante & Applied Combative Solutions

Ordinance 735 Use of Village Range W/James Owens & Resolute Dynamics

Ordinance 734 Annual Appropriation Ordinance

Ordinance 733 Annual Tax Levy Ordinance

Ordinance 732 Establishing Special Service Area

Ordinance 731 Prohibition of Tobacco Use and Alternative Nicotine Product Use by Minors

Ordinance 730 Regulation of and Application for Small Wireless Facilities

Ordinance 729 Annual Appropriation Ordinance

Ordinance 728 Special Service Area Tax Levy

Ordinance 727 Sale of Surplus Property

Ordinance 726  Sale of Surplus Property

Ordinance 725 Intergovernmental Agreement

Ordinance 724 Sexual Harassment Policy