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Silent Auction of Old Street Signs       

Residents of Warrensburg, as we have communicated about the replacement

of the street name signs around the Village, many of you have asked what is

going to happen to the old signs.  We are hearing that many people are interested

in owning a street sign & we want to give everybody that opportunity.  To accomplish

this, we have decided to have a silent auction.

There are forms at the Village Hall.  Please come by & write down your bid for the sign.

Starting bid will be $10 & interested parties can bid any amount at or above that level

in increments of $5.  This will give everybody the same opportunity to own a sign.  

Note, there can be several signs with the same name, so there can be more than one winner!

Bidding will open on 4/17/18 & will end on 5/25/18.  At that time, we will notify all of the

winners to come pick up their piece of history.  If you have any questions, please contact

the Village Hall at 672-3222.  Thanks for all of the interest & happy bidding!!


                  Warrensburg Corn Festival



                      July 26 - 28, 2018

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